Monday, October 24, 2005

Etruscan Texts Project

I haven't been keeping as close an eye on this as I should, but my alma mater, UMass, maintains an online database of Etruscan texts and other resources.

The project is headed by Prof. Rex E. Wallace, with whom I had the honor of studying Faliscan, Oscan, Umbrian, and yes Etruscan (along with a bit of Cisalpine Gaulish).

(After that class we had a department shirt emblazoned with a refrain from the purifications in the Iguvine Tables: 'place the testicles on the tray.' This was, of course, in the original Umbrian.)

The site promises a new version in development, but it's well worth checking out in its current incarnation.

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Danno said...

A-ha, you're *that* Dennis: I was in that class (I was the high-school senior), and the shirt is in my suitcase (I'm in Italy at the moment).