Saturday, October 29, 2005

A Bookish Popularity Contest

'Saranike' takes an entertaining and idiosyncratic trip through the OCLC's list of the top 1000 books. And she even mentions me at the end.

She pointed me toward the Reference list, so let's see what I own:

#4 -- MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, Joseph Gibaldi
#5 -- History of Art, H. W. Janson
#7 -- Elements of Style, William Strunk
#10 -- Oxford Companion to American Literature, James David Hart
#11 -- Art through the Ages, Helen Gardner
#27 -- Oxford Companion to English Literature, Margaret Drabble
(n.b.: I don't have this edition, 'updated' by Margaret drabble, but rather the original by Sir Paul Harvey)
#30 -- Dictionary of Modern English Usage, H. W. Fowler
#34 -- Outline of History, H. G. Wells

Looking over the list, I don't want anything I haven't got, and I think I'm better with the other stuff I have than most of what pass for libraries today.

This could become a meme: which books do you own from which lists. I see the banned books list being particularly popular.

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Anonymous Poet said...

Thanks for sharing!

What was #1?