Saturday, June 14, 2008

Blog Spam from fellow classicists?

On my recent post on the tattoo, I found an oddly proselytizing "comment" which I have refused to publish. (Comments are moderated to prevent blog spam.)

The comment seemed automatically generated, but if it wasn't it was posted by someone who has no sense of etiquette or no shame. Expounding off-topic upon the benefits of the Latinum podcast and the Schola social networking community, then telling me that "These sites should be enough to help you get on with learning to read, write and if you want to, even learn how to speak Latin" smacks of insult or ignorance.

This blog, as spotty as our record has been in keeping the posts current, has been around far longer than either Latinum or Schola, and I don't need help in getting on with learning Latin, despite what a certain dark moment (since deleted) on Catullus might suggest to long-time readers.

In other news, my job, the school's internet filters, and my mother's battle with cancer all had their hand in keeping me away from the site for much of the past year. I even suggested to Eric at one point that we retire the site, and reserved another site name ("Campus Mortuus: Long Live the Campus." Ha ha.). But my year ends officially on Tuesday, I've got lots of things on my mind, and a mountain of reading to work through. There's bound to be enough material for the summer and beyond.

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Chris Weimer said...

It's OK, Dennis, I've kept the cui dono passage myself. Hey, we all make mistakes! Don't consider it a dark moment, but a momentary lapse of consciousness. ;)

Chris Weimer
University of Memphis