Friday, July 13, 2007

Zeus and Jupiter, arm in arm

Now this sounds completely ridiculous:

Sci Fi is developing the six-hour miniseries "Going Homer," from "Farscape" alum Ben Browder and Andrew Prowse. Taken from the Odyssey, project will revolve around a 12-year-old, Homer Ulysses Jones, who sets off on a journey from L.A. to New York in order to escape a custody battle. Homer is able to see what others can't: Greek and Roman gods are here on earth, walking among mortals. Some gods will aid his journey, while others will seek to kill him in order to prevent him from getting home.

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Eric said...

'Homer Ulysses Jones'!? That's quite a name, combining Greek, Latin, and 'merican. I do wonder--when the gods walk among mortals, do they *look* like mortals, a la Athena early in the Odyssey or Aeneas' mom qua Carthaginian huntress?