Monday, July 09, 2007

Ramble on, Odysseus.

Lino Bugeja, president of Ramblers Association of Malta (I'd love to join a club with a name like that), is campaigning against development on the island of Gozo, appealing to history and literature, and more specifically to the Odyssey, for Gozo has long been treated as Calypso's Ogygia. (The association is not limited to 'some Maltese patriots' as the Wikipedians would have it.)

You can read the whole literate plea for yourself, but I'll give you the end where Bugeja reallys hammers home his antipathy to land development:

As this Greek tragedy unfolds with its frightening nemesis, a distant choir pleads for the peace that comes from feeling part of something bigger, older and more potent than oneself.

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