Thursday, January 25, 2007

The (re)Birth of Athena

Once upon a time I said that I was tired of Athena and off she went, and the Campus had nice facelift in her absence. Now she's returned and brought some more changes with her. (Notice her, hiding up there in the header? But what has she done with Homer Boy?)

The changes were brought about by Eric's suggestion that we move over to Google's new Blogger system. This necessitated a change in the template, and though I've fancied myself a web designer of sorts since the mid-90s, I kind of like the simplicity of this setup.

You'll notice that I've stolen Laura Gibbs's Roman Calendar, and I've added the year (A.V.C., a change I'll only need to make once a year).

In addition we've now got an RSS feed of YLE's Nuntii Latini.

More relvant to the Campus, though, you'll next see in the sidebar that we've got a more navigable 'back catalogue' (archive) and a nifty 'filing cabinet' (post labels).

We're slowly adding labels to old posts, and while this has never exactly been a juggernaut, we do have several hundred.

Which brings up an advancing milestone: the Campus will turn three on April 4th (begun with an in-joke as humorous now as it never was). In just over two months Eric and I will have been intermittently mining homework, grasping at intellectual straws, and promising to post more often for a full three years. That's one for each of our readers. You guys deserve it.

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