Sunday, March 05, 2006


Does anyone know how I can convert digital pictures of the pages of a book into PDFs?


dennis said...

Download PDF Creator, which you can use as a virtual printer.

Insert the images into Word (Insert > Picture > From File), then print the document to PDF Creator.

It's really that easy. You may have to make some adjustments. I like to optimize the images in PhotoShop (black and white, 600 dpi in TIFF format), but it should work regardless.

David said...

if you have photoshop, you can save an image as a pdf without having to got through pdf creator at all!

dennis said...

The problem with PhotoShop is saving multiple pages as a single document. I don't think PhotoShop can do that. But PDF Creator can turn anything that you can print into a PDF, so you don't even need PhotoShop, let a lone Word.

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eric said...