Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Hexameter Verse/Prudentius (Updated)

Prudentius, in his Hamartigenia, is not afraid to use a fifth-foot spondee from time to time. Here are the examples I've come across so far, all with a quadrisyllabic word spanning the fifth and sixth feet:

76: una eademque tamen rota sideris indiscretis
266: ac velut artificis domini manus inperfectum
422: Postremum cuneum rex promovet Euuaeorum
713: imperio. Hoc mulier rea criminis exprobanti
859: ditibus et longo fumantibus intervallo


Anonymous said...

769 is not a spondaic line; it's a clumsy rhythm found mostly in Lucretius and Catullus, rarely in Virgil, but very often in Greek: do-cu-men-tum is short-short-long-anceps, thowing a heavy stress of the -TIS of libertatis.
So it ought to be removed from your list.

eric said...

Oh, right. Duh. Many thanks for the correction.