Wednesday, September 15, 2004

trope time

here is today's rhetorical figure:

PARONOMASIA: the use of words of like sound. for example: 'dennis the menace'. or: 'the sound wound down'. you could say that at the end of a concert given by one of your heavy-metal jerks. remember: for the price of two of their CDs, you could get a thucydides OCT--in the words of JHG, a priceless treasure forever.


Anonymous said...

Might this be considered something close?

Agricola Arbustus, nemoris arbuscula curta,
liuebit crucibus lugubre zelotypus.

Anonymous said...

Alas! Close, but no cigar.

Agricola Arbustus, saltus arbuscula curta,
Livebit crucibus lugubre zelotypus.

Anon. also.