Monday, June 23, 2008

Macrobius Stuff

Just wanted to post some links here to a couple of items on Google Books that are useful for the study of Macrobius.

Ludwig von Jan's edition of Macrobius' Works (2 voll., 1848-52):
Volume 1
Volume 2

The older Teubner edition of the text, ed. Eyssenhardt, here (There is also a newer Teubner edition, ed. J. Willis, but not available on Google Books.)


Laura Gibbs said...

Hi Eric, thanks for the Google Books types (I work on Aesop, and so Macrobius is always of interest, because of the possible Avianus connection). Anyway, I wanted to let you know in case you hadn't seen this nifty new-ish feature of Google Books that you can save books in your library, label them, and SHARE that library "shelf" with other people, which is easier than sharing links to individual books. For example, here are all the books in my Google Books Library tagged Avianus. I am AMAZED by what is going on at Google Books in the past year. It's fabulous - I've linked to about 4000 Latin Aesop's fables, one by one (page by page, I guess I should say), at my wiki. :-)
Anyway, here's how my Avianus bookshelf looks - it's a great way to share book references dynamically (if I find any new Avianus books, you'll see them here):
Avianus in My Library at Google Books

Eric said...

Thanks, Laura. It will probably be some time before I get that up and running, so I will probably link to things for a bit longer, but that looks like it will be very useful when I've had some time to put into it.