Friday, April 11, 2008

AP Latin

With all of the hullabaloo being made over the cancellation of AP Latin: Literature, I just wanted to express my appreciation to College Board for administering the Vergil exam.  I'm the minority (vocally, at least) in thinking that Catullus is less suited to an AP course than is Vergil, and I would not want to teach the Literature option because my students read much of Catullus before the AP year.  What I'm really thankful for, however, is that College Board has somehow made it possible for me to read lots and lots of Vergil.  Without the test I would not likely be able to offer a full semester of him.

I will never understand why so many teachers seem to think that reading Vergil is a chore.  There's far less reward in counting kisses or feigning invitations to dinner.

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