Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Latin Rules in Jingles

From the same issue, sent in by one Eva Johnson, a first year student at Ballard High in Seattle, we find a helpful set of rhyming couplets to memorize the dative with special verbs:

Credo, credere, to believe or trust
Faveo, favere, to favor all just,
Pareo, parere, to obey and do right,
Noceo, nocere, to injure in fight.
Studeo, studere, to be eager for a's,
Resisto, resistere, to resist low grades,
Persuadeo, persuadere, to urge or persuade.
To memorize these will be of great aid,
With all these verbs the Dative is used,
But by students of Latin they are often confused.
Any suggestions for other verbs?


Sarah said...

I wish they'd had Latin when I went to Ballard High!

Go Beavers!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my goodness--I learned this almost 35 years ago as a freshman in high school. It is nice to see that it is still being taught!