Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Couple of Notes

I was happy to find that Eduard Norden's book Die Antike Kunstprosa is readable and fully downloadable at Google Books. I was hoping that they would have his commentary on Aeneid 6, but alas.

Also available is the 1908 edition of Richard Heinze's Virgils epische Technik, which you can find here.

For those interested in the history of classical scholarship, volume 2 of Sandys is available here, though I haven't been able to find the other volumes on Google Books.

Some volumes of Mommsen's Römische Geschichte are available in English translation here.

Also seen was Gilbert Murray's translation of two lectures by Wilamowitz. But they don't have his Geschichte der Philologie.

Finally, I saw Eleanor Dickey's new book Ancient Greek Scholarship (APA/Oxford, 2007) on the new books shelf today. It looks interesting and includes a 'reader' (chapter 5), the purpose of which is 'to provide practice in reading scholarly Greek' (p. 141). That seems to me to be a very good idea indeed. A review by William Slater is here.


Dennis said...

Slater's review is very good and should be read, as should his illuminating essay 'Problems in Interpreting Scholia on Greek Texts'
in Editing Greek and Latin Texts (ed. J.N. Grant), 1989, 37-61.

It's filled with good sense.

Anonymous said...

I got:

as well as Sandys 1 and 3, but once you download the pdfs they don't give links back, which is annoying. But they are there.


Eric said...

Thanks, Dave.

Here is Norden VI--glad you're better at navigating Google Books than I.

Volume 1:

Volume 3: