Thursday, July 19, 2007

Age of Bronze

Here's an article about the ongoing comic adaptation of the legend of the Trojan War, Age of Bronze.

I bought the first volume of collected stories around the time I had first begun to study the classics and when I was still an aspiring comic book artist. Back then college was just a stepping stone to becoming a better artist and storyteller.

The funny thing is that after all this time I have yet to read Age of Bronze. It sits in a box amidst my neglected collection. I've toyed with drawing comics of my own for my classes in the coming school year. In the meantime maybe I'll hunt up that copy of Age of Bronze 1 in my parents' basement, though I'm not encouraged by drivel like this:

There are also specific relationships that can be drawn between the dynamics of the Achaeans and Trojans at war and the US government and the current wars it's running. Both the bare facts of history and the underlying truth of fiction have a lot of wisdom and guidance that many seem inexplicably blind to. Tragedy is thrilling and cleansing in fiction. It ain't so pleasant to actually live through.
This, too, takes me back to those early undergraduate days.

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