Thursday, February 15, 2007

Some Favorites

Two of my favorite scholars that I've been reading recently on Late Antiquity are Alan Cameron and Robert Kaster. Their writings are models of careful, well-documented scholarship, presenting interesting ideas in a lucid and clearly-argued fashion.

Two absolutely wonderful articles by Prof. Cameron on Macrobius, inter alia, are:

'The Date and Identity of Macrobius', JRS 56 (1966) 25-38
'Macrobius, Avienus, and Avianus', CQ 17 (1967) 385-99

Prof. Kaster has written, in addition to his monumental study on the Late Antique grammarian entitled Guardians of Language, a number of other fascinating articles on Late Antique education and literary culture. See, for example:

'The Grammarian's Authority', CP 75 (1980) 216-41
'Macrobius and Servius: Verecundia and the Grammarian's Function', HSCP 84 (1980) 219-62
'Notes on "Primary" and "Secondary" Schools in Late Antiquity', TAPA 113 (1983) 323-46
'Servius and Idonei Auctores', AJP 99 (1978) 181-209

If you have access to JStor, all of these articles can be found there.

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