Sunday, January 28, 2007

Was ist das?

I've never wondered until now what exactly 'kleine Schriften' means, so I'm putting it to the kind visitors who've helped me in the past.

'Small' in the sense of notes, unpublished papers, and the like? Or can this include things like journal articles as opposed to monographs and other 'big' works? What exactly is small, semantically, about the works included? My dictionaries are no help.


Anonymous said...

In English when we use the term we refer to the re-publication of a set of essays, articles, reviews etc. by a scholar (or an institution) in a new volume or set of volumes. Often such volumes appear upon an author's retirement, or after her death. For prolific scholars, Kleine Schriften are often published thematically The contributions are small in the sense that they are each less than book length.
-Chuck Jones-

Atheneion said...

Hello Dennis,
to my knowledge in the academic language these mean a "collection of short articles or essays", they can also mean a "harvest of speeches and lectures" performed at symposia, seminars or other academic events. In both cases they could be either published or still unpublished. Finally they can also mean in the university jargon a "gathering of excerpts from a specific author's monographs and treatises".
I hope I could help.