Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"The Constant Emperor"

Constantine the Great, whose famous vision probably ranks as the number one web search bringing visitors to this site (thanks to Eric's posts on the subject), is the subject of an exhibition at the Yorkshire Museum in York till Oct. 29. The curator has a well written summary of the period of Constantine's accession and reign and the importance of his personality in shaping and guiding the empire (that's her clever title linked above). If you don't know anything about Constantine, it's a great introduction that might inspire you to learn more.

PS: Constantine reminded me a conversation I had once (was it with you, Eric?) about whether in English Augustine should be pronounced AugusTEEN rather than AuGUStin, just as Constantine is ConstanTEEN. ConSTANtin would sound ridiculous. I've setteled on AugusTEEN because Augustinus and Constantinus are of the same formation (the -i- is long and takes the accent). I think AuGUStin only seems acceptible by anology with Augustus, and many people, even some scholars, occasionally confuse the two.

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