Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Where's the ACL?

The American Classical League's web server can not currently be found. Does anyone know why?

How are folks like me supposed to find a job?

In other news, I'm reading the Apology with my ninth grade student, a budding linguist who is further along in Greek than the students at the college who started at the same time.

After April 1st I'll be reading book 2 of Plato's Republic with J, AKA 'the Hawk' (no foolin'). We read book 1 with Eric while taking Greek Rose Comp with Gil Prose.

As my thesis winds down I'll find plenty more classical stuff to blog about. Right now hazy chronology and the technical nature of metrical analysis have been stealing my time, and don't seem very blogworthy.

I will say, though, that Byzantine scholarship has really grabbed my attention. I'd like to continue with that once this work is done, though I'd first like to make up for all the ancient classics I've never had much of a chance to read. Can you imagine tragedy and comedy never even being offered during my graduate career?


Wm Annis said...

No drama at all?! That's astounding.

dennis said...

I was able to read the Bacchae as an undergraduate and have read some on my own, but sadly nothing in a graduate seminar.

dennis said...

The ACL is back.