Friday, November 18, 2005

Numismatists, Unite! (Part 2)

All right, I have another wine-bottle numismatics question for you. This picture's a lot blurrier than the last one, but it purports to be a coin of one of the Marcus Porcius Catos (or 'Porky', as I like to call them). I'm assuming it must be Cato the Elder, since he was from Tusculum. I say this because Tusculum is south-east of Rome, and this particular wine, Frascati, comes from the region south-east of Rome. (Cato the Younger, on the other hand, was born in Rome.) I suppose the photo might be too blurry even to ask, but can anyone make this out well enough to know if it's real, as Sarah proved the last one to be?


dennis said...

If anyone can figure it, it'll be Sarah. I suspect the shape of the head will be enough for her.

I'm hoping she'll blog about a late Roman coin I helped her identify yesterday which has some interesting translation and transliteration into Greek. I'll post a link on the Campus when she does.

Ed said...

It is, as you say, hard to see the details. The Porcia family, were responsible for some coins, examples here.