Thursday, November 03, 2005

For Magister Coke

Magister: Last night as I was walking down Fratelli Bonnet I saw Father Foster through the back window of a bus. I know it was him; the briefcase and clean-shorn head are unmistakable. I thought about trying to track him down to say hello on your behalf, but ultimately did not. Apologies.

On a somewhat unrelated note: last night I also watched an old episode of Seinfeld called 'The Cafe'. Toward the beginning of the episode, she keeps repeating the phrase casus belli because she had just read it in a book and wanted to say it. George persists in asking what it means, and she replies, 'It's just a Latin phrase, George; it doesn't mean anything'--and this right before she boasts of her 145 IQ!

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Coke said...

Oh, that's him alright. eheu! I miss him so. You'll see him again, and when you do, tell him that we Latin teachers lie here obedient to his teaching and exhausted by the November blues.

Do you have Seinfeld over there in Italy?