Sunday, October 09, 2005

Ostia Antica 2

Ok, here's the second batch.

Another shot of the theater, which originally had 3 tiers of seating divided into five cunei (wedges) and a seating capacity of around 2,700; two of the tiers survive
Theater masks
A painting of fruits and vegetables from a Thermopolium, which is very well preserved. The marble countertops are in excellent shape, and two seats flanking the door also survive
The Capitolium in the Forum. The temple was dedicated to the Capitoline triad (Jupiter, Juno, and Minerva)
My wife Allison and brother Ryan in the doorways of some buildings on one of Ostia's side streets

If anyone is interested in other pictures of Rome that are not necessarily classical, my wife and I have been posting some at another website.

Dennis: how did the teaching go?


Coke said...

Wow, I really miss Rome. What's the temperature doing over there? It looks nice and sunny, unlike dreary mid-state Pennsylvania.

I want to hear about the teaching experience too. How many students were in the class? Did they give you any trouble? Did they ask you questions about your studies?

eric said...

Magister Coke: the temperature has been usually pleasant during the day (perhaps in the 70s?) and cool at night. We've had a couple of days of rain. I hear that October can be a rainy month.

Allison and I accidentally happened upon a papal audience in St. Peter's square last Wednesday, but he didn't speak any Latin (terribile dictu!), so I suppose that means Reggie didn't do any of the composing.