Friday, January 07, 2005

Not long now ...

Andrew and I will be picking up Eric soon, then we're off to Philadelphia International to grab Mo. From there it's a late night drive to Boston and the final two days of the APA where we'll meet up with Diane and Jessica.

Better late than never, right?


Anonymous said...

Aaron here,
Hey I forgot my password, but I wanted to share something I just wrote with you (all)...
I just wrote my first line of Dactyllic Hexameter! Can someone check it just to make sure I am right? I just don't trust myself on meter. It is a translation of an important philosophical principle:

An 'inner process' stands in need of outer criteria:
corporeas cupiunt normas animi rationes

Anonymous said...

The line scans fine (ooh, that rhymes). Nice hyperbaton, by the way. Reggie would approve.

dennis said...

: corporeas cupiunt normas animi rationes

« corporeas cupiunt » forms a perfect hemiepes, and « normas animi rationes » a perfect paroemiac, which makes this an exquisite example of hexameter verse, further highlighted by the fact that the object opens and the subject closes each half of the line:

hemiepes:    corporeas   cupiunt
paroemiac:   normas       animi rationes

Artfully done, Magister Coke.