Monday, October 18, 2004

at the 100th derridean (where the great plains begin)

after a little hiatus of my own, i bring another link on derrida. i didn't realize he was such an avid tv-watcher. this is what he said:

"I watch TV all the time," he once said. What kind of shows did he watch? "Anything." But television was not mere passive entertainment — not for a Brilliant French intellectual. "I am critical of what I'm watching," Derrida insisted. "I am trying to be vigilant. I deconstruct all the time."

neat. that last sentence is something i would expect to be sampled and looped into a techno song.

uhn-ts, uhn-ts, uhn-ts, uhn-ts-ts, bad-ump, bad-ump, bad-ump, bad-ump--[fuzzy voice]i deconstruct all the time. i deconstruct all the time. i deconstruct all the time...


dennis said...

It looks like Derrida went from Post Modern to Post Mortem!

eric said...

i suspect within 20 or 30 years his works will be labeled 'post-studied'.