Friday, August 13, 2004

100,000 chomskyites can't be wrong (or can they?)

here is an interesting factoid from steven pinker's 'the language instinct' (1994):

'Chomsky is currently among the ten most-cited writers in all of the humanities (beating out Hegel and Cicero and trailing only Marx, Lenin, Shakespeare, the Bible, Aristotle, Plato, and Freud) and the only living member of the top ten.'

interesting that two commies are among the ten most-cited people EVER by humanities professors.

somone tell me if their experience has been otherwise--but in scholarship on classics, i haven't come across too many references to chomsky. i've found i'm much more likely to happen upon foucault and derrida as the trendiest of all gurus to which one might nod (or, in many cases, offer obeisance).


dennis said...

Well now, that all depends. I've been reading W.S. Allen's Accent and Rhythm and Chomsky's early (legitimate) work as a linguist is cited several times (often in tandem with Halle) as Allen builds the phonetic and grammatical groundwork necessary to a true understanding of prosody.

Of course the bulk Chomsky citations will focus on the stuff churned out by small presses to push his rock star fantasy. He is, afterall, America's #1 dissident. And the bulk of his output in that department has to do mostly with modern policy issues, which is much more easily applied to modern literature than ancient.

Anonymous said...

I am posting anonymously because I forget my password or maybe I never got one. Anyway, this website is ROCKIN and I am sure gonna miss grad school next year. Especially if I end up working at Taco Bell. And you guys are the best. All of ya! Even all of you 50 new classics grad students whom I've never met! I love you all.
Aaron Kook

Anonymous said...

Oh and Chomsky rocks too! (but Plato rocks even more.)

dennis said...

Aaron Kook is always welcome on the Campvs, whether real or virtual. That's why I've re-invited him to join the blog.

Hear that, Aaron? Check your BMC e-mail account if you still have it ... And I expect to see a post in Latin statim!