Thursday, June 03, 2004

i saw aaron kook wearing a wittgenstein costume

there are several reasons why dennis's last post is sweeter than you can shake a stick at.

the first is that the quote in the title mentions a stove, which can be both a late australian philosopher and something in which to burn wood or cook dead animals.

the second is that the band whence the quote comes is called 'eric's trip', and my name is eric.

the third is that sonic youth has a song called eric's trip.

thank you.

now i must go back to doing to doritos what the romans did to carthage in the third punic war.

tomorrow i hope to learn more about romulus and remus and why homer is more interesting than the intellectual sum of the last 200 years.


Coke said...

If any CV Latin students are STALKING me, looking up my name and finding this website, I have only one suggestion: GO READ SOME LATIN AND STOP WASTING YOUR TIME ON THE INTERNET.
Aaron Kook

Dilator said...

O MAGISTER KOOK! Quid facis? Contumeliosum est.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Latin Festival and I saw this Mr. Kook Guy!!! Let me tell you he did the Beta Vocab Bee and he was the best! He kept telling everyone they were right...Yeah I wish I went to CV to study LATIN!!!

M*****l said...

Kook is immortal.