Sunday, June 27, 2004

How I spent my summer vacation

I finished the Alcestis last night, and will begin reading Aristotle's Poetics with Jason this week. Between all this reading, looking for a place to live, and catching up on sleep I haven't had much time for the Campus. But I do have some choice quotes waiting to be posted, though unfortunately they're not here with me.

In the meantime though, Words of wisdom from the inimitable A.M. Dale:

"The argumentum ex silentio is never weaker than when it tries to make psychological deductions from what Euripidean speeches leave unsaid" (Intro. to Alcestis, xxvi).

I thought I'd be able to get work done in the library but it seems to be overrun with children in the summer. They have sports and music camps, and they come here for the computers and turn it into a party.

Whatever happened to librarians laying down the law?

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