Monday, April 26, 2004

The Twenty-Seventh Annual Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference

This post isn't really about that. I don't even know what that is. The web browser did an auto-completion when I typed "The," and heck if it wasn't better than my title.

So welcome to the Twenty-Seventh Annual Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference.

The subject of my address is Eric's abandonment of the Campus. He apparently thinks his time is better wasted explaining why dave bergman is neat.

And so it's up to me to pass along Eric's favorite Gil Prose quote (which by now will surely have devolved into a poor paraphrase):

"Pericles was impressing them with his astounding downness."

All this talk of Gil reminded of something else. After the dinner which he made us pay for we were waiting for the train. Super J. Dawg was saying something about a fan letter he'd written to Jacques Barzun when we were interrupted by some kid with a guitar.

-- Are you talking about ideas?
-- Huh?
-- Are you guys talking about ideas?
-- ... Some ideas ... I guess.
-- That's really cool, man. No one does that anymore. [Ed. note: he was 15. Does he really remember those good ol' intellectual days of yore?] I'm writing this school paper right now on video games, and ... uh ... I just lost my train of thought. Sorry.

And so it went. A fitting end to a fine night.

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